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This is not just a Meetup for affiliates! 


It is the ultimate thrill-show extravaganza experience! Have you been to the circus? Have you seen acrobats do wild moves? Have you been to a freak show? 

We are all that and much more!

Many secrets are hidden in our festival and we invite you all to discover them! This is a show with a variety of jaw-dropping acts, not for the faint-hearted.

Performances from the world's top DJs: Miss Monique, Sagan, Plastik Funk (# 84 Top100 DJs Mag) plus an unforgettable freak show and acrobats.

So if you’re ready to get dazzled, book your ticket and join CONVERSION FEST!

For those passionate about games, don’t forget to register for our PlayStation Area and show your skills!


Saturday, September 4, 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM Kyiv, Ukraine

Location: PMHUB, Kyiv, UA


Highlights of Event:

  • Top International DJs: Plastik Funk (# 84 Top100 DJs Mag)SAGAN, Miss Monique

  • PlayStation Competition

  • Acrobats and freak show

  • Open bar (drinks & snacks)

  • Free Hookah

  • Networking with 500+ marketers

Main Sponsors: LeadBit UA, ClickDealer, AFF СlubNeogaraAivixPMaffiliatesFavbetZeydoo

Info Partners: FB Killa, I am Atilla, Sempro, Partnerkin, 7 leads, YOSA, GAFFONE, ZorbasMedia, Pro Traffic, CPARIP, AffSovet, Afftime, MAMA, AffTimes

Check out this video to see what you’re getting yourself into!


Thanks for being with us on the loudest parties for affiliates - Conversion Fest!

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Squid Game Edition

Kiev, Ukraine



Conversion Fest with Conversion club


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