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You also get additional features like:

✔ Networking with top visitors and sponsors;

✔ Educational information about Facebook and Google ads 2023

✔ New contacts with professionals for scaling up your business.

Main Sponsors: PIN-UP Partners.

Info Partners:  iAmAttila, Masons Traffic, TechNoven, MAMA, IMPROVE Agency, Zorbas Media, REKLAMA V INTERNETI, AffSovet, CPA.RIP, BloggingEclipse, AFFTweaks, Traffic Mafia.

Discussion Session by Conversion Club, AW 2023, Barcelona, Spain

When: July 12, 2023

Time: 5 pm - 9 pm

Discover insights and features of Facebook  and Google Ads 2023


Conversion Club creates a meeting, where top media buying teams share their knowledge and provide 4 speeches on the Facebook and Google ads realities in 2023. This session is professional networking with a discussion panel for profit-oriented visitors.




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